Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shaven, Not Stirred

A Bimbo has many “best” friends. One of them is her razor. To beat a dead horse, a Bimbo is constantly on display. Before she can go on stage, the Stripper has to do a lot before she can get up on stage and start dancing. A Bimbo is always on “stage”. Part of being up on that stage means having to paying attention to the proper grooming standards. In other words, other than on her head there should be no hair on a Bimbo’s body. This is especially true of pubic hair. For the True Bimbo, her only option is a bare, naked pussy.

There are two ways to get rid of pubic hair on one method for keeping it off. One way is shaving. The best way for the first time is waxing. A professional waxing works great for the first time. It takes the hair out at the root, preventing growth for weeks (instead of days). This process can be somewhat painful. This is a good thing (see me earlier posts for my feelings on the whole "pain for others pleasure" beliefs). A good salon will be very thorough in getting all of the stay hairs. Once waxed however, the only way for a Bimbo to stay properly groomed is to shave regularly (and with an aloe-based gel). The only for the wax to work is if there is enough hair for it to grab a hold of. Since the goal is to keep a smooth pussy, a Bimbo can only wax once. This is not a bad thing. Time spent grooming is time well spent. A Bimbo’s principle occupation is looking fuckable.

There is no reason for this other than that fact that a smooth pussy is sooo fucking sexy.



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