Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Proper Way To Remove Panties

I'm not going to join the ranks of the profiles offering to train women how to become bimbos - there's enough out there already. So, I am going to use the blog to write about my views on the subject of bimbos. At times, I will offer what I see as tips and 'self-training' ideas for any one who thinks that they may be useful to them.

With that in mind:

A large part of what makes a Bimbo sexy is that she derives pleasure from and finds fulfillment in living to please men. Every aspect of her being is oriented in this direction. Unlike the Centerfold (and especially the Stripper) a Bimbo is always on display to men. This is especially true of HER Man. Putting on a show at the mall by wearing a mini-skirt with a tiny g-string and riding up and down the mall escalators is an activity, and adventure that a Bimbo can plan for. Putting on and taking off her clothes, however, is an everyday activity that she does in the space (room/apt./house) that she shares with HER Man. She doesn't go in another room to do these things. She does it in front of HER Man. Since a Bimbo is always on display, she cannot just casually cast off her clothes in front on him. She must make the act of undressing (and dressing) into a show for his benefit.

In other words, there is a proper way for a Bimbo to take off (and put on) her panties. Please refer to the above pic. To remove her panties, a Bimbo should turn around, facing away from HER Man. Arching her back (a little or a lot, it is up to her to decide or him to tell her which), she sticks her cute little butt out towards HER Man. Her next move is to hook her thumbs under her panties where they ride at the hip. An important part of this move, and often forgotten, is what I call "sparkle fingers". With the thumbs under the panties, the rest of the fingers spread out like a fan. Slowly, the Bimbo begins to pull her panties down over her ass. It is important to remember that they should slide off the ass. They are not to be pulled away and down. The Bimbo should pause a moment when the panties are at the point where her bottom of her bottom (sorry, couldn't resist) meets the tops of her thighs. After that, she continues to slide them down her legs until she can step out of them. Depending on HER Man, the Bimbo may want to keep facing the wall during the whole process, or she may want to turn her head and look back over her shoulder.

To put on her panties, a Bimbo steps into them and then the process is reversed. The only change is the end move. To finish pulling up her panties, a Bimbo pulls her (g-string) out away from her body, and upwards, so the panties are all nice and snugly in front.

Tips for Bimbos:

1 - To make this part of your natural way of undressing/dressing, you need to do this as often as you can. Even if your Man is not at home when its time to take off/put on your panties, stick your butt out towards the bed. If you are in an on-line relationship, stick your butt out towards the computer screen (something I have had MY Bimbo do).

2 - Use this method not just for panties, but for taking off/putting on your skirts, shorts, jeans, etc.

3 - Don't forget the sparkle fingers!

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