Saturday, May 30, 2009

Schoolgirl Outfits ARE NOT For Halloween

Halloween is here and like many people, it is my favorite time of year. Part of it has to do with the smell of allspice and the sounds of dead leaves as they skitter across the surface of the road. A larger part is the memories I have of scoring all that candy as a child. The largest part is the fact that it’s the one time of the year where women are encouraged to dress slutty .

I myself am torn between the nurse costume [] and the Policewoman [] as the most appropriate costume choice for a Bimbo to wear on Halloween. A busty blonde in a nurse's outfit speaks for itself. But with the Policewoman, you have a great psychological hook in a figure of authority transformed into a submissive creature who caters to your desires. Plus, most Policewoman outfits come with a pair of handcuffs which I guarantee you will come into play at some time during the night.

Now, I can hear the howls from the legions who read my blogs – “You call yourself an expert on Bimbos??!?! Where are the schoolgirl costumes? For God’s Sake, you haven’t even mentioned the “French Maid’s” costume. The reason for this is simple – Schoolgirl / French Maid costumes are not costumes. They are outfits. You don’t call the clothes that you wear on a regular basis costumes, you call them outfits.

Any woman who calls herself a Bimbo has at least two schoolgirl outfits in her closet. If not, she has a few pleated skirts (minis, of course), a few plaid skirts, a bunch of crop tops and a couple of pairs of thigh-highs. If pressed, she can make her schoolgirl outfit from those. The ‘naughty schoolgirl’ look is something that a real Bimbo has long since mastered. A Bimbo also needs at least two French Maids outfits (one rubber or vinyl) to wear around the house once or twice a week as she cleans. At the very least, a Bimbo will be given a feather duster and told to wave it around things for an hour or two while HER Man watches. So, these are clothes worn regularly and cannot be considered as ‘dressing up’ in a costume to wear on Halloween.

A great place for French Maid's outfits is:

They have a lot of great stuff.

So, that's how I see it and that's how I blog it.

I love Bimbos.

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