Saturday, May 30, 2009

Being a Better Bimbo #1

I have noticed that there are many 360 profiles out there asking for tips on being a better bimbo. It takes time and effort to be a Bimbo. Unlike the “natural athlete”, who can often coast through a sports career on god-given talent alone, a Bimbo must work hard to be a Bimbo. With that in mind I offer the following:

Part of what makes a Bimbo is not only her looks. How a Bimbo acts is just as important as how big her tits are. If you want to be a Bimbo, you need to act like one. The place where both looks and actions meet is makeup. A Bimbo cannot achieve her look without the use of makeup. BUT, makeup needs constant attention. It smears. It smudges. It fades. It almost always needs touching up. The only way to make sure that her makeup is perfect is to check it frequently. A compact will be as useful to a Bimbo as her razor. Odds are, when she checks herself in the mirror, a Bimbo will find that she needs to fix something about her makeup. If she is constantly checking herself in the mirror and seeing problems with her makeup, then she will be constantly applying makeup. This will help reinforce her image as a Bimbo in the eyes of others.

Here are some ideas to help you become a better Bimbo:

1) When at home keep an alarm clock of some kind (maybe a kitchen timer) that you can set to go off every 50 – 60 minutes. When it does, stop what you are doing and check your makeup. Use the mirror in your compact. Reapply something somewhere on your face even if you find nothing wrong. Every time you are in the bathroom, make it a point to check yourself in the mirror. Fix if necessary.

2) When at work, keep track of the time. Every 50-60 minutes take out the compact and fix your makeup. If you are a receptionist, you MUST apply some lip product (stick/liner/balm) every time. When you go to the bathroom, take you makeup pouch/case (or purse if necessary) to the bathroom and check/fix your makeup; this is very important if there are others there. If possible, carry on a conversation with a co-worker while fixing your makeup.

3) At school, make it a ritual to re-apply makeup at the beginning of each class. You MUST apply lipstick each time even if you do nothing else. If you want to run the risk of pissing off your prof, apply makeup during the class. If you use the school bathrooms, always check the mirror. Always apply makeup if there is someone else present.

The goal is to create a new behavior in you. Eventually, you will check your make up every hour without the need for an alarm. No matter where you are, you will reach for the compact. This will reinforce your bimbo image in the eyes of others.

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