Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Perfect Exapmle of A Bimbo

Bimbos and Gentlemen - I present to you a new (at least for me) bimbo to add to Top 10 List: Shannon Sky. Here are some attributes that make her a near-perfect example of bimbohood (those of you out there who want to be better bimbos - take note).

1) She has undergone surgery to make herself more phyically appealing to men.

2) She is incredibly fake looking - Hair, nails, tits, eyebrows all are unnatural and


3) She uses a lot of makeup (if only her lipstick were frosted),

4) She has on a Slutty Schoolgirl outfit.

5) she is wearing big, gaudy earings (hoops!)

6) She makes a living off of her body.

Just wanted to share.

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