Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pierced For His Pleasure

Piercings are a must for any Bimbo. Like well-manicured (or even fake) nails and big tits, it is impossible to even be a Bimbo without having multiple piercings. Piercings allow a Bimbo to attach jewelry to her body, calling attention to certain areas and enhancing her overall appearance. This does not include the ears. Every woman should have pierced ears, probably done at birth; much like circumcision is performed on male infants as a routine procedure. Ears don’t count.

A Bimbo has four places that must be pierced:

Tongue. One word - blowjobs. Here’s two more - bimbos, blowjobs. No more words necessary. Second reason – Looks. A pierced tongue looks sexy because it is an advertisement for oral sex. It suggests that the wearer would give great head. A Bimbo can work any man to a froth just by the way she works her pierced tongue as she flirts with a man.

Nipples – Nothing says naughty little Bimboslut like a pair of pierced nipples. Very, very sexy.

Bellybutton – Imagine a flat tummy. Now imagine the cutest little bellybutton you’ve seen. Now imagine a little silver chain with tiny, rhinestone studded letters that reads “Daddy’s Slut”. Movin’ on.

Clit – Like the nipples, this one screams “bimboslut”. A simple gold ring is all that is required. Oh, and it feels great to her during sex.

A Bimbo can come to HER Man with these already in place. If not, the act of piercing can serve as a ritual for a Bimbo and HER Man. The pain she undergoes in getting these is a small token of her submission to HER Man. It is another sign of her desire to be what men want her to be.

There are other areas that can be pierced. Some are quite sexy, while others can be downright distracting and should be avoided. In these cases, it is best for a Bimbo to consult HER Man about he wants.

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  1. You really make me want to get pierced ... for HIS pleasure!