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Bend at the Knees to Lift, at the Waist to Pleasure

Bimbo Exercise #3 – Bend at the Knees For Lifting, at the Waist for Pleasure
It has been a fortnight or two since I last said this, so here it is again; Bimbos are candy for the eyes. They are walking displays of sexuality, living billboards that advertise sex. Attitude is important. So is action. How a bimbo acts should scream SEX just as loud as her wardrobe does. How a bimbo walks is as important as how she looks. The motion of her ass swaying side-to-side should be just as hot as the tiny little pair of shorts that (barely) covers it. Little things, like bending over to pick up something and flashing her panties for everyone to see, will cement her image as a bimbo. It is hard to imagine that the dumb slut who shows everyone her g-string could actually be an intelligent woman. Here is another exercise designed to help a woman become a better bimbo in everyday life. Although presented here as a dare to try a few times this should be thought of as a training aid that will help this become the ‘normal’ way you behave. This exercise has two ratings, the PG-13 “kid safe” rating and the XXX-rated version that is definitely NSFK (Not Safe For Kids). As such, a bimbo needs to plan ahead before going ahead with this. Since planning ahead requires thinking, it may be necessary for some bimbos to ask for help. Once this becomes part of your daily pattern of life, it will help to have someone pick out your panties for you (that is, if they let you wear any).
A key to this exercise is the correct use of contrasting colors. The human eye is hard-wired to seek out the brightest object it can find. This cannot be overcome. It might just be the briefest of glances, but the eye will always be drawn to the brightest object it can see. For this reason, you need to use dark colored skirts and bright colored panties (neon colored swimsuit bottoms can work really well – esp. orange and green). Two types of skirts can be used – pleated, “flippy” mini/micro-skirts and tight, “booty-hugging” mini/micro-skirts. You will also need two types panties – booty shorts/tangas/French-cut and thongs (panties or swimsuit). For this exercise, thongs are preferable to g-strings. I suggest that you pick (or have picked for you) a few locations to that you can rock some different panties/skirt combinations. Repetition is the key to making this part of who you are in day-to-day, real life.

Two things to consider, A) What you wear and, B) How you bend over –

What You Wear:

PG-13 Rated
Skirt – pleated, “flippy” type. Black, Dark Red, Dark Plaid
Panties – Bootyshorts, French-Cut or tanga style. White is the best color. Yellow works very nicely with a black skirt. Spandex-blend is preferable to pure satin for looks (satin panties tend to bunch or sag). Metallic gold stands out better than silver.

XXX Rated (think before going to the mall on Sunday after church gets out)
Skirt – either the pleated or the tight, “booty-hugging” type. Remember, dark colors.
Panties – Thongs (avoid g-strings). You can use actual panties or a pair of thong swimsuit bottoms. White works best, but the swimsuit choice allows for neon colors such as orange and green. Metallic gold is also a good choice.

How To Bend Over:

Keep you knees together, or as close to touching as possible, no more than ½ shoulder-width apart. Bend slightly at the knees. Now start to bend forward at the waist. The more you bend the knees, the less panty you will flash. The goal here is to raise the skirt a bit, so that the bottoms of your panties are visible. This is a playful, more innocent tease routine. If you bend over a little more, you will give the viewer a nice shot of some sexy, but not slutty, panties. Since you will be wearing a “flippy” type of skirt, you will not need to pull this down (and smooth it) when you stand back up.

XXX Rated
Stand with knees apart, at least one shoulder width. Do not bend your knees. This is all about bending at the waist. There is nothing innocent about this pose. It is a full-on slut pose. With your legs spread, onlookers should be able to get a nice view of your sweet pussy cupped in a neon thong. If not, spread your legs a little wider. When you stand back up, you will have to pull down your skirt and maybe smooth it back down. This is a perfect chance to make a little production out of this.* You can always look around, spot someone looking at you, and smile as you do this.

*Alternate exercise, practice reaching up at items on the top shelf, causing your skirt to ride up and flash your panties. For added dramatics, make a show of having to reach to tug the skirt back down. Or make a bigger show by pulling it up higher (works really well as a response to someone whistling at you.)

2009 - Top 10 Bimbos

New List for the New Year – Top 10 Bimbos of 2009

Greetings All –

While I put together my next blog – a Bimbo Challenge/Task as it were – I am presenting to you my new Top 10 Bimbos list. I hope this list provides inspiration and role-models for all the bimbos out there. Perhaps some discussion with others in the bimbo community will take place as well.

Without further ado –

10) Danni : vast bimbo potential, only time will tell.

09) Sabrina Sabrok : check out youtube. Mexico’s resident #1 Bimbo

08) Sugar Chanelle : Bimbo meets Blow-Up Sex toy.

07) Shauna Sand : NEVER leaves the house with clear, 6” platforms.

06) Victoria Silvstedt : THE #1 “Celebrity” bimbo for the Sugar-Daddy.

05) Bridgette Kerkove : pornstar and plastic surgery - all for her husband

04) Lachelle (Lichelle) Marie : looks so fake and I love her heavy make-up.

03) Coco : Made by Ice-T.

02) Natacha Peyre : Look at her expression, not a thought in that sexy little head.

01) Jenny Poussin : perfect combination of Bimbo and Slut. Girl-Next-Door look with a Built-to-Please body.

All these women are great examples of what it is to be a bimbo. Some are better than others. Bridgette Kerkove and Coco get high marks because they were transformed by their husbands into what they are now. Sabrina Sabrok and Sugar Chanelle are good examples of the Bimbo as Blow-Up Doll. I chose Jenny for a few reasons, primarily because she (and to a lesser degree, Natacha Peyre) has the "innocent" bimbo look, with the surgical enhancements that show she understands what it means to look good for men.

Well, I am off to work on the next blog. See you then, I hope.


Bimbo Fahsion Guide - Daisy Dukes

Bimbo Fashion Tip #3 – Meet Ms. Daisy Dukes

I have it on good authority that nothing beats a great pair of leg(g)s. Well, yes Virginia, there is something that beats that –a great pair of legs topped off by a sweet ass* in a pair Daisy Dukes!
Like High Heels and School Girl outfits, Daisy Dukes are MUST HAVE items in a Bimbo’s wardrobe. So important are they that a Bimbo needs to have at least a few pairs of them before she can even think (hmmm? That might be a problem) of calling her wardrobe complete. When going through your clothes/costumes do not confuse all of your Booty shorts with DDs. Daisy Dukes are a particular type of Booty shorts. Think (ooops, there I go again) of it this way – All Daisy Dukes are Booty shorts, but all Booty shorts are not Daisy Dukes. This is a very important distinction. Real DDs are made from a pair of worn, faded, blue jeans. A nice touch is a worn spot, that patch of white threads that is not yet a hole, somewhere in the seat. Nothing else will do to give that fresh-faced Country Girl/Cowgirl look. Baseball, Apple Pie and Daisy Dukes are part of what makes this the greatest country on Earth!

How-To make your very own pair of Daisy Dukes:

1 – Pick-out the jeans to turn into shorts. Look for faded fabrics, with rips and worn-spots (especially on the ass), and tightness.

2 – Get a pair of sharp scissors, fabric scissors will be the best.

3 – Find some chalk, crayon or if you have to a marker.

4 – Get a ruler.

5 – lay the jeans out on the kitchen table or other cutting surface (not the bed, and watch out for the table cloth, Bimbo!).

6 – Using the ruler and the chalk/marker, draw a line on the pants legs. This will be the guide for cutting. You want to place the ruler so the edge touches the crotch of the jeans. This is the maximum length for your shorts. If using a marker, remember to cut just above that line. Daisy Dukes must cover as little leg as possible. There is a decision to make at this point – whether or not to keep the pockets. For the total white trash look, you will want to keep the pockets so they hand down past the leg holes. I would avoid this look. The white flap of the pockets interferes with the clean line between skin and material. It is distracting. Besides, the shorts should be so tight that the pockets are useless anyway.

Variations :

1 - The string-bikini touch. I have it on authority that a good pair of worn jeans is soft enough that no panties are necessary. However, there is a great look that one can use with a string-bikini instead of panties. Pull the sides up high so that your ties are nice a visible.

2 – “Ooops, your fly is open” – works with really tight jeans. Wear your DDs unbuttoned with your fly (or buttons on the 501s) part of the way down. Panties are optional (as always).

3 – Try cutting at an angle. Again, using the ruler as a guide, draw a line from the outside seam of the jeans downward to the crotch, at an angle. This will expose more and more thigh the higher you start the cut on the outside. At some point, your ass will begin to show.

4 - Cut the legs off, straight across at crotch level. Flip the jeans over. Starting at the outside seam cut an arc (a half-circle) towards the inseam. This will allow more of your ass to show. The amount depends how high you make the arc. This will require practice.

5 – Although the jeans may be from another country, Brazilian ultra-low rise jeans are great for making DDs. Their tailoring tends to cup the ass, and they expose the maximum amount of skin possible in jeans.


Lick It Like a Lollipop

Bimbo Exercise #2 – Lick it Like a Lollipop

One of the central themes of this blog is that Bimbos are eyecandy – on display for the enjoyment of men. Short skirts, high heels, tight tops, all are ways of accentuating and displaying a Bimbo’s body in the sexiest (and often slutiest) manner possible. Also important to the show a Bimbo must put on everyday is how she acts and moves. Bimbos need to be just as sexy doing something “normal” as they do just standing still. For Example, Bimbos don’t walk, they strut. They don’t bend down to pick something up, they bend over to flash their panties as they pick it up. This behavior can be extended to almost all daily activities, even eating. With that in mind, Bimbos and gentlemen, I give you the “Lollipop as Blow-Job” exercise.

A word of caution, SUGAR-FREE is the way to go. This is less about the calories (although all Bimbos need to be careful about that) and more about Dentistry. Too many sugary lollipops and the Cavity Creeps will be paying poor little Bimbo a visit!

Remember that you are putting on a show. And the name of that show is “Everybody, look how good I can suck a cock!”. Obviously, the lollipop is a stand-in for a man’s cock. Treat it that way. That means foreplay, teasing, sucking and don’t forget, swallowing. It is important not only to practice putting on a show - as a Bimbo you should always be thinking of cocksucking when you have a lollipop in your mouth. For the show to really work, it is very important to have a heavy coat of lipstick on, preferably a bright, frosted shade of pink.

The best way to learn how to put on a show is to watch a BJ-themed show like “Cum Glazed” or something similar. Watch how the porn starts suck cock. A Bimbo should always channel her inner porn star when sucking a cock or a lollipop. Until you get a chance to see for yourself, here are some tips:
The lips – Kiss the lollipop like you would the tip of your lover’s cock. Practice pulling it away slowly so that a little string of saliva links the lollipop and your lips. Purse your lips and twirl the lollipop between them. Nibble at the lollipop with your lips.
The tongue – The tongue should be very active and above all, visible. Don’t keep it tucked away on your mouth. Bring it out to lick your lollipop. Use the tip of it to trace circles on it. Again, this is your lover’s cock that you are teasing/pleasing.
The mouth - Make an “O” with your lips and let the lollipop slide in-and-out of your mouth. When sucking on your lollipop, try and hollow your cheeks a bit. Twirl the pop in your mouth, keeping you lips in an “O” shape.
The sounds – a BJ is a sloppy, wet affair. So too is sucking a lollipop. Try and see what kind of wet, moist sucking sounds you can make as you suck it. Little moans of pleasure can turn your X-rated show into a XXX-rated show. If you happen to catch a man watching you reach down and adjust himself, you know you’re doing it right.

Now, I am not suggesting that you go out to a mall and try and put on a show that would make a porn star jealous. At least not at first. Start slowly. Work your way up to the porno style of lollipop sucking slowly, over a period of months. This exercise is designed to bring about a permanent change in behavior. Through constant repetition, the Bimbo will one day adopt this as her normal way of being. It is important, therefore, to make sure you do this every chance you can. Since repetition is the key, you will need to set up a routine like a daily exercise schedule and stick to it. While at the receptionist desk, behind the sales counter, at home watching TV, or just before bedtime, a Bimbo should try and repeat this task at least 4 times a day at regular times.

A Perfect Exapmle of A Bimbo

Bimbos and Gentlemen - I present to you a new (at least for me) bimbo to add to Top 10 List: Shannon Sky. Here are some attributes that make her a near-perfect example of bimbohood (those of you out there who want to be better bimbos - take note).

1) She has undergone surgery to make herself more phyically appealing to men.

2) She is incredibly fake looking - Hair, nails, tits, eyebrows all are unnatural and


3) She uses a lot of makeup (if only her lipstick were frosted),

4) She has on a Slutty Schoolgirl outfit.

5) she is wearing big, gaudy earings (hoops!)

6) She makes a living off of her body.

Just wanted to share.

Bleach Makes The Better Bimbo

As we grow up, we “learn” all sorts of truths that are supposed to carry us through our journey to the Big Sleep. For convenience sake, these life lessons are often distilled into little fortune-cookie sized nuggets. One of these is “You can’t judge a book by its cover”. Now, this is very true. In fact, I bet it is true more often than not. Bimbos, however, are lucky. That’s because bimbos ARE books that you are supposed to judge by the cover. Hair is an important factor in making that judgement. For those who wish to walk the road of bimbohood, I would recommend starting with your hair as the first step you take (even before a simple manicure).

Style is for a whole other article. The only thing I am going to say about that here is that longer is better. If men wanted to have sex with someone wearing short hair, we would all be gay. There is no such thing as a bimbo with a pixie cut. If you are still in doubt, Google the following (or have someone do it for you, bimbo): Nikki Benz, Krystal Steal, any of Hef’s current gfs, Lachelle Marie, Victoria Silvstedt, I could go on but I won’t.

Color – obviously, all True Bimbos are blonde. It goes beyond that simple fact. All TRUE Bimbos come by way of their color by a bottle. Even a natural blonde needs a bottle to be Bimbo. Just like fake tits are the best kind of tits, the best kind of blonde comes from a bottle. There are dozens of fake shades out there that are acceptable. Personally, I tend towards the ‘metallic’ blonde look as my favorite; other men have their own tastes. Sunny, Ash, and Platinum should be the range of “blonde-ness” that you should be talking about with the stylist in any event. Anything less and you might as well become a brunette and take math classes.

The salon is the only way for a bimbo to go when it comes time to dye her hair. This is especially true with dark brown or black hair - unless she is going for the trashy look with her roots showing - a decision that should be left up to her man. You cannot achieve the necessary “high maintenance” look that is essential for a bimbo at home. You must have professional help. It would be best to have a picture or two ready to show the stylist (try and remember to cover/remove any nudity first) what hair color you would like. The best strategy is to ask a few strippers or men’s magazine models where they go. Plus, you can get the dye job, styling and regular maintenance checks when you go. One stop shopping – leaves more time for looking for just the right g-string for him (or me).

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Uggs Are Ugly

Remember when your teacher or parent would ask you, "If all of your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?". Now we all know the answer to the question and it isn't "It depends what's at the bottom". The answer is "No." Well, just because a famous bimbo does something doesn't mean that all the other bimbos have to rush right out and copy her. And by her I mean Pamela Anderson (one of the greatest bimbos of all-time). And "something" I mean wearing Uggs. There is a reason that they call the Uggs people; they’re freaking ugly (yeah I know, way tooo easy on that one)! Why anyone, especially any bimbo, would wear a pair of those is beyond me. “But they are so warm and comfortable!”. If this is your reply, then go back to being a brunette, put on a pair of flats and start shopping at the GAP. Remember Bimbos, it’s not about your comfort, it’s about how you look to other people. They cannot compare to a good set of knee boots with 5” heels.

As for warmth - part of being a bimbo is suffering to look as sexy as possible. If your legs get cold, put on a pair of seemed stockings (NOT pantyhose). Wear a little, flippy miniskirt that will blow up in the chill wind giving everyone a peek at your pretty little panties (should you be wearing any). This should lead to several invitations to come inside and get out of the cold. Flat boots do not add to the level of the bimbo's sexuality. Uggs are worse, they actually detract from the wearer's looks. This cannot be tolerated. A bimbo's wardrobe should only contain outfits and accessories that make her look sexy (and a good selection should be geared towards the slutty look). Why wear flats at all when there are so many yummy heeled shoes to select from. Here are my suggestions when looking for the right shoes for a bimbo to wear:

1 - 4" should be considered the bimbo equivalent of "flats".

2 - Stiletto heels are the best heels for general wear.

3 - Platform shoes should only be worn when going for the "Stripper/Slut" look.

4 - Avoid black when possible (although some looks need it). Not festive enough.

5 - 5" is the best height for heels.

6 - Anything above a 7" heel is strictly fetish (every bimbo needs a pair of ballet boots!).

That's how I see it and that's how I blog it!

Being a Better Bimbo #1

I have noticed that there are many 360 profiles out there asking for tips on being a better bimbo. It takes time and effort to be a Bimbo. Unlike the “natural athlete”, who can often coast through a sports career on god-given talent alone, a Bimbo must work hard to be a Bimbo. With that in mind I offer the following:

Part of what makes a Bimbo is not only her looks. How a Bimbo acts is just as important as how big her tits are. If you want to be a Bimbo, you need to act like one. The place where both looks and actions meet is makeup. A Bimbo cannot achieve her look without the use of makeup. BUT, makeup needs constant attention. It smears. It smudges. It fades. It almost always needs touching up. The only way to make sure that her makeup is perfect is to check it frequently. A compact will be as useful to a Bimbo as her razor. Odds are, when she checks herself in the mirror, a Bimbo will find that she needs to fix something about her makeup. If she is constantly checking herself in the mirror and seeing problems with her makeup, then she will be constantly applying makeup. This will help reinforce her image as a Bimbo in the eyes of others.

Here are some ideas to help you become a better Bimbo:

1) When at home keep an alarm clock of some kind (maybe a kitchen timer) that you can set to go off every 50 – 60 minutes. When it does, stop what you are doing and check your makeup. Use the mirror in your compact. Reapply something somewhere on your face even if you find nothing wrong. Every time you are in the bathroom, make it a point to check yourself in the mirror. Fix if necessary.

2) When at work, keep track of the time. Every 50-60 minutes take out the compact and fix your makeup. If you are a receptionist, you MUST apply some lip product (stick/liner/balm) every time. When you go to the bathroom, take you makeup pouch/case (or purse if necessary) to the bathroom and check/fix your makeup; this is very important if there are others there. If possible, carry on a conversation with a co-worker while fixing your makeup.

3) At school, make it a ritual to re-apply makeup at the beginning of each class. You MUST apply lipstick each time even if you do nothing else. If you want to run the risk of pissing off your prof, apply makeup during the class. If you use the school bathrooms, always check the mirror. Always apply makeup if there is someone else present.

The goal is to create a new behavior in you. Eventually, you will check your make up every hour without the need for an alarm. No matter where you are, you will reach for the compact. This will reinforce your bimbo image in the eyes of others.

Cut! Print! Wrap! That's a blog

Shaven, Not Stirred

A Bimbo has many “best” friends. One of them is her razor. To beat a dead horse, a Bimbo is constantly on display. Before she can go on stage, the Stripper has to do a lot before she can get up on stage and start dancing. A Bimbo is always on “stage”. Part of being up on that stage means having to paying attention to the proper grooming standards. In other words, other than on her head there should be no hair on a Bimbo’s body. This is especially true of pubic hair. For the True Bimbo, her only option is a bare, naked pussy.

There are two ways to get rid of pubic hair on one method for keeping it off. One way is shaving. The best way for the first time is waxing. A professional waxing works great for the first time. It takes the hair out at the root, preventing growth for weeks (instead of days). This process can be somewhat painful. This is a good thing (see me earlier posts for my feelings on the whole "pain for others pleasure" beliefs). A good salon will be very thorough in getting all of the stay hairs. Once waxed however, the only way for a Bimbo to stay properly groomed is to shave regularly (and with an aloe-based gel). The only for the wax to work is if there is enough hair for it to grab a hold of. Since the goal is to keep a smooth pussy, a Bimbo can only wax once. This is not a bad thing. Time spent grooming is time well spent. A Bimbo’s principle occupation is looking fuckable.

There is no reason for this other than that fact that a smooth pussy is sooo fucking sexy.



Schoolgirl Outfits ARE NOT For Halloween

Halloween is here and like many people, it is my favorite time of year. Part of it has to do with the smell of allspice and the sounds of dead leaves as they skitter across the surface of the road. A larger part is the memories I have of scoring all that candy as a child. The largest part is the fact that it’s the one time of the year where women are encouraged to dress slutty .

I myself am torn between the nurse costume [] and the Policewoman [] as the most appropriate costume choice for a Bimbo to wear on Halloween. A busty blonde in a nurse's outfit speaks for itself. But with the Policewoman, you have a great psychological hook in a figure of authority transformed into a submissive creature who caters to your desires. Plus, most Policewoman outfits come with a pair of handcuffs which I guarantee you will come into play at some time during the night.

Now, I can hear the howls from the legions who read my blogs – “You call yourself an expert on Bimbos??!?! Where are the schoolgirl costumes? For God’s Sake, you haven’t even mentioned the “French Maid’s” costume. The reason for this is simple – Schoolgirl / French Maid costumes are not costumes. They are outfits. You don’t call the clothes that you wear on a regular basis costumes, you call them outfits.

Any woman who calls herself a Bimbo has at least two schoolgirl outfits in her closet. If not, she has a few pleated skirts (minis, of course), a few plaid skirts, a bunch of crop tops and a couple of pairs of thigh-highs. If pressed, she can make her schoolgirl outfit from those. The ‘naughty schoolgirl’ look is something that a real Bimbo has long since mastered. A Bimbo also needs at least two French Maids outfits (one rubber or vinyl) to wear around the house once or twice a week as she cleans. At the very least, a Bimbo will be given a feather duster and told to wave it around things for an hour or two while HER Man watches. So, these are clothes worn regularly and cannot be considered as ‘dressing up’ in a costume to wear on Halloween.

A great place for French Maid's outfits is:

They have a lot of great stuff.

So, that's how I see it and that's how I blog it.

I love Bimbos.

Pierced For His Pleasure

Piercings are a must for any Bimbo. Like well-manicured (or even fake) nails and big tits, it is impossible to even be a Bimbo without having multiple piercings. Piercings allow a Bimbo to attach jewelry to her body, calling attention to certain areas and enhancing her overall appearance. This does not include the ears. Every woman should have pierced ears, probably done at birth; much like circumcision is performed on male infants as a routine procedure. Ears don’t count.

A Bimbo has four places that must be pierced:

Tongue. One word - blowjobs. Here’s two more - bimbos, blowjobs. No more words necessary. Second reason – Looks. A pierced tongue looks sexy because it is an advertisement for oral sex. It suggests that the wearer would give great head. A Bimbo can work any man to a froth just by the way she works her pierced tongue as she flirts with a man.

Nipples – Nothing says naughty little Bimboslut like a pair of pierced nipples. Very, very sexy.

Bellybutton – Imagine a flat tummy. Now imagine the cutest little bellybutton you’ve seen. Now imagine a little silver chain with tiny, rhinestone studded letters that reads “Daddy’s Slut”. Movin’ on.

Clit – Like the nipples, this one screams “bimboslut”. A simple gold ring is all that is required. Oh, and it feels great to her during sex.

A Bimbo can come to HER Man with these already in place. If not, the act of piercing can serve as a ritual for a Bimbo and HER Man. The pain she undergoes in getting these is a small token of her submission to HER Man. It is another sign of her desire to be what men want her to be.

There are other areas that can be pierced. Some are quite sexy, while others can be downright distracting and should be avoided. In these cases, it is best for a Bimbo to consult HER Man about he wants.

The Proper Way To Remove Panties

I'm not going to join the ranks of the profiles offering to train women how to become bimbos - there's enough out there already. So, I am going to use the blog to write about my views on the subject of bimbos. At times, I will offer what I see as tips and 'self-training' ideas for any one who thinks that they may be useful to them.

With that in mind:

A large part of what makes a Bimbo sexy is that she derives pleasure from and finds fulfillment in living to please men. Every aspect of her being is oriented in this direction. Unlike the Centerfold (and especially the Stripper) a Bimbo is always on display to men. This is especially true of HER Man. Putting on a show at the mall by wearing a mini-skirt with a tiny g-string and riding up and down the mall escalators is an activity, and adventure that a Bimbo can plan for. Putting on and taking off her clothes, however, is an everyday activity that she does in the space (room/apt./house) that she shares with HER Man. She doesn't go in another room to do these things. She does it in front of HER Man. Since a Bimbo is always on display, she cannot just casually cast off her clothes in front on him. She must make the act of undressing (and dressing) into a show for his benefit.

In other words, there is a proper way for a Bimbo to take off (and put on) her panties. Please refer to the above pic. To remove her panties, a Bimbo should turn around, facing away from HER Man. Arching her back (a little or a lot, it is up to her to decide or him to tell her which), she sticks her cute little butt out towards HER Man. Her next move is to hook her thumbs under her panties where they ride at the hip. An important part of this move, and often forgotten, is what I call "sparkle fingers". With the thumbs under the panties, the rest of the fingers spread out like a fan. Slowly, the Bimbo begins to pull her panties down over her ass. It is important to remember that they should slide off the ass. They are not to be pulled away and down. The Bimbo should pause a moment when the panties are at the point where her bottom of her bottom (sorry, couldn't resist) meets the tops of her thighs. After that, she continues to slide them down her legs until she can step out of them. Depending on HER Man, the Bimbo may want to keep facing the wall during the whole process, or she may want to turn her head and look back over her shoulder.

To put on her panties, a Bimbo steps into them and then the process is reversed. The only change is the end move. To finish pulling up her panties, a Bimbo pulls her (g-string) out away from her body, and upwards, so the panties are all nice and snugly in front.

Tips for Bimbos:

1 - To make this part of your natural way of undressing/dressing, you need to do this as often as you can. Even if your Man is not at home when its time to take off/put on your panties, stick your butt out towards the bed. If you are in an on-line relationship, stick your butt out towards the computer screen (something I have had MY Bimbo do).

2 - Use this method not just for panties, but for taking off/putting on your skirts, shorts, jeans, etc.

3 - Don't forget the sparkle fingers!

The Proper Way To Wear Panties


Perhaps my favorite word in the English language. I think that THE panties for the Bimbo is the G-String. Nothing says naughty little slut like the g-string. Which brings us to a crucial, and often missed part to wearing the g-string - it must be visible, at all times. A Bimbo is on display 24/7. Part of the display is dressing for attention; more importantly, dressing to turn men on. Walking down the street with a g-string riding above the waistline screams sex.