Sunday, September 30, 2012

REAL Bimbos Have FAKE Tits


[This is an earlier post that was flagged for the picture. This is, of course. Jenny Poussin.  You should all become fans of hers - maybe even subscribe to her site!]
I love fake tits! Another example of Science fixing God’s little mistakes. Fake tits are so much better than the real thing. Especially the ones that ride like two half-domes on the chest (see link for example). These kind of breasts call attention to themselves by their obvious “fakeness”. When coupled with a large size, they are the perfect kind of breast ( However, there is a disturbing development in implants – the so-called “anatomically correct” breast implants. I don’t understand these at all. What’s the point of having implants if nobody knows they’re fake? It’s like having a big slice of chocolate cake without any icing – it may be good cake but overall it is somehow disappointing.

In fact, I will go farther than saying that fake tits are better than real tits. I believe that REAL Bimbos have fate tits. It does not matter that a woman has natural 40DD tits. Of course she can be a Bimbo. But a woman who has 40DD implants is a better Bimbo. Heck, a Bimbo with 36DD tits is better than a Bimbo with 40DD natural ones. And a Bimbo with 44DDs is best of all!

How so you may say? Well, it goes like this. Central to my “Bimbo Beliefs” is the belief that a Bimbo molds her body/mind/soul to the desires of men. This does not mean have to mean the actual act of sex – that is only a limited (although very important) aspect of Bimbohood. Fake nails, fake hair color, fake eyelashes, overly accentuated make-up, all these are factors in shaping the appearance to please men. A Bimbo is on display 24/7/365. What else are fake tits, but the ultimate accessory a Bimbo has to make herself look desirable to men. What better way is there to prove her willingness to be a better Bimbo than surgery?