Sunday, September 30, 2012

REAL Bimbos Have FAKE Tits


[This is an earlier post that was flagged for the picture. This is, of course. Jenny Poussin.  You should all become fans of hers - maybe even subscribe to her site!]
I love fake tits! Another example of Science fixing God’s little mistakes. Fake tits are so much better than the real thing. Especially the ones that ride like two half-domes on the chest (see link for example). These kind of breasts call attention to themselves by their obvious “fakeness”. When coupled with a large size, they are the perfect kind of breast ( However, there is a disturbing development in implants – the so-called “anatomically correct” breast implants. I don’t understand these at all. What’s the point of having implants if nobody knows they’re fake? It’s like having a big slice of chocolate cake without any icing – it may be good cake but overall it is somehow disappointing.

In fact, I will go farther than saying that fake tits are better than real tits. I believe that REAL Bimbos have fate tits. It does not matter that a woman has natural 40DD tits. Of course she can be a Bimbo. But a woman who has 40DD implants is a better Bimbo. Heck, a Bimbo with 36DD tits is better than a Bimbo with 40DD natural ones. And a Bimbo with 44DDs is best of all!

How so you may say? Well, it goes like this. Central to my “Bimbo Beliefs” is the belief that a Bimbo molds her body/mind/soul to the desires of men. This does not mean have to mean the actual act of sex – that is only a limited (although very important) aspect of Bimbohood. Fake nails, fake hair color, fake eyelashes, overly accentuated make-up, all these are factors in shaping the appearance to please men. A Bimbo is on display 24/7/365. What else are fake tits, but the ultimate accessory a Bimbo has to make herself look desirable to men. What better way is there to prove her willingness to be a better Bimbo than surgery?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A NEW GOLDEN RULE FOR THE NEW YEAR: 36-24-36 is so last century.

As we go through life, those beliefs that we used to hold near and dear to our hearts often change. We no longer view the earth as flat. The Sun does not revolve around the Earth. We no longer think of thunder as the gods bowling. In some cases this is a cause for sadness (I for one was looking forward to league night in the Hereafter), but in other cases it is a time for joy, when we no longer need to worry about following rules that have long since had any real meaning in today’s changing world.

One of these beliefs that has longed since outlived its usefulness is the “gold” standard for women’s measurements: 36-24-36. Back in the days of B&W television, such a figure was truly a show-stopper. But how long has it been since any of us went out and bought a B&W television set for the front room? It has become apparent, at least to me, that in keeping up with the advancements in cosmetic surgery, as well as society’s new-found appreciation for the truly feminine, we need a new standard for beauty that a bimbo can aspire to. I have a suggestion to this. I call it the +20 (“plus twenty”) rule.

It is a very simple rule: A woman’s bust measurement must be at least 20 inches greater than her waist. This means that the new standard of beauty for a woman should be 44-24-36. The strength of this rule is that it doesn’t tie the bimbo to a standard of beauty that may not be the best for her body type. It gives her some room for maneuver and still keep to her goal of becoming a drop-dead piece of arm-candy. A 39-19-36 figure might not be achievable by every bimbo-wanabee. And, the +20 rule does help a girl maintain that all-important girlish figure. Don’t want to watch your weight and have a 30-inch waist, well then your bust size needs to be 50. At some point, it will become necessary to diet in order to maintain this ratio (unless you are a fan of Chelsea Charms, in which case, you have a good deal of room to grow). As examples: Pamela Anderson at her best was a 36DDD-22-34. Christina Hendricks (who let’s face it, does need to go on a diet) comes in at 39DD-30-39. Using the +20 rule, they would now measure 42-22-34 (Pam) and 50-30-39 (Christina). I think this shows that although you can simply increase the size of your bust, at some point you need to take your waist into consideration when deciding on whether or not to eat that dessert. Watching your weight is one of the most important aspects of daily living as a bimbo. It also means that most women will have to have breast implants in order to achieve this standard. Since fake tits are a hallmark of the bimbo, this is a good situation.

The +20 ratio does away with the traditional hourglass figure (how long has it been since any of us used one of those to tell the time anyway?) and replaces it with a more aesthetically pleasing top-heavy appearance that is better in keeping with today’s proper bimbo attitude. This rule has its shortcomings. It fails to include cup size in the equation. Obviously, a “D” cup must be considered as the STARTING point for a bimbo’s cup size. A proper bimbo’s cup size is at least a DD, and of course, the more D's, the better. It also fails to offer guidance on the measurement of the hips. As of now, I would think that they should be in the +10 - +14 range; enough of a difference to provide a nice contrast to her figure without taking away attention from her tits. This needs further exploration. Rest assured, I will not sleep until I uncover the Truth.

(Vanessa Montgane, 44-24-36. Visit her site at You will be glad you did.)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bend at the Knees to Lift, at the Waist to Pleasure

Bimbo Exercise #3 – Bend at the Knees For Lifting, at the Waist for Pleasure
It has been a fortnight or two since I last said this, so here it is again; Bimbos are candy for the eyes. They are walking displays of sexuality, living billboards that advertise sex. Attitude is important. So is action. How a bimbo acts should scream SEX just as loud as her wardrobe does. How a bimbo walks is as important as how she looks. The motion of her ass swaying side-to-side should be just as hot as the tiny little pair of shorts that (barely) covers it. Little things, like bending over to pick up something and flashing her panties for everyone to see, will cement her image as a bimbo. It is hard to imagine that the dumb slut who shows everyone her g-string could actually be an intelligent woman. Here is another exercise designed to help a woman become a better bimbo in everyday life. Although presented here as a dare to try a few times this should be thought of as a training aid that will help this become the ‘normal’ way you behave. This exercise has two ratings, the PG-13 “kid safe” rating and the XXX-rated version that is definitely NSFK (Not Safe For Kids). As such, a bimbo needs to plan ahead before going ahead with this. Since planning ahead requires thinking, it may be necessary for some bimbos to ask for help. Once this becomes part of your daily pattern of life, it will help to have someone pick out your panties for you (that is, if they let you wear any).
A key to this exercise is the correct use of contrasting colors. The human eye is hard-wired to seek out the brightest object it can find. This cannot be overcome. It might just be the briefest of glances, but the eye will always be drawn to the brightest object it can see. For this reason, you need to use dark colored skirts and bright colored panties (neon colored swimsuit bottoms can work really well – esp. orange and green). Two types of skirts can be used – pleated, “flippy” mini/micro-skirts and tight, “booty-hugging” mini/micro-skirts. You will also need two types panties – booty shorts/tangas/French-cut and thongs (panties or swimsuit). For this exercise, thongs are preferable to g-strings. I suggest that you pick (or have picked for you) a few locations to that you can rock some different panties/skirt combinations. Repetition is the key to making this part of who you are in day-to-day, real life.

Two things to consider, A) What you wear and, B) How you bend over –

What You Wear:

PG-13 Rated
Skirt – pleated, “flippy” type. Black, Dark Red, Dark Plaid
Panties – Bootyshorts, French-Cut or tanga style. White is the best color. Yellow works very nicely with a black skirt. Spandex-blend is preferable to pure satin for looks (satin panties tend to bunch or sag). Metallic gold stands out better than silver.

XXX Rated (think before going to the mall on Sunday after church gets out)
Skirt – either the pleated or the tight, “booty-hugging” type. Remember, dark colors.
Panties – Thongs (avoid g-strings). You can use actual panties or a pair of thong swimsuit bottoms. White works best, but the swimsuit choice allows for neon colors such as orange and green. Metallic gold is also a good choice.

How To Bend Over:

Keep you knees together, or as close to touching as possible, no more than ½ shoulder-width apart. Bend slightly at the knees. Now start to bend forward at the waist. The more you bend the knees, the less panty you will flash. The goal here is to raise the skirt a bit, so that the bottoms of your panties are visible. This is a playful, more innocent tease routine. If you bend over a little more, you will give the viewer a nice shot of some sexy, but not slutty, panties. Since you will be wearing a “flippy” type of skirt, you will not need to pull this down (and smooth it) when you stand back up.

XXX Rated
Stand with knees apart, at least one shoulder width. Do not bend your knees. This is all about bending at the waist. There is nothing innocent about this pose. It is a full-on slut pose. With your legs spread, onlookers should be able to get a nice view of your sweet pussy cupped in a neon thong. If not, spread your legs a little wider. When you stand back up, you will have to pull down your skirt and maybe smooth it back down. This is a perfect chance to make a little production out of this.* You can always look around, spot someone looking at you, and smile as you do this.

*Alternate exercise, practice reaching up at items on the top shelf, causing your skirt to ride up and flash your panties. For added dramatics, make a show of having to reach to tug the skirt back down. Or make a bigger show by pulling it up higher (works really well as a response to someone whistling at you.)

2009 - Top 10 Bimbos

New List for the New Year – Top 10 Bimbos of 2009

Greetings All –

While I put together my next blog – a Bimbo Challenge/Task as it were – I am presenting to you my new Top 10 Bimbos list. I hope this list provides inspiration and role-models for all the bimbos out there. Perhaps some discussion with others in the bimbo community will take place as well.

Without further ado –

10) Danni : vast bimbo potential, only time will tell.

09) Sabrina Sabrok : check out youtube. Mexico’s resident #1 Bimbo

08) Sugar Chanelle : Bimbo meets Blow-Up Sex toy.

07) Shauna Sand : NEVER leaves the house with clear, 6” platforms.

06) Victoria Silvstedt : THE #1 “Celebrity” bimbo for the Sugar-Daddy.

05) Bridgette Kerkove : pornstar and plastic surgery - all for her husband

04) Lachelle (Lichelle) Marie : looks so fake and I love her heavy make-up.

03) Coco : Made by Ice-T.

02) Natacha Peyre : Look at her expression, not a thought in that sexy little head.

01) Jenny Poussin : perfect combination of Bimbo and Slut. Girl-Next-Door look with a Built-to-Please body.

All these women are great examples of what it is to be a bimbo. Some are better than others. Bridgette Kerkove and Coco get high marks because they were transformed by their husbands into what they are now. Sabrina Sabrok and Sugar Chanelle are good examples of the Bimbo as Blow-Up Doll. I chose Jenny for a few reasons, primarily because she (and to a lesser degree, Natacha Peyre) has the "innocent" bimbo look, with the surgical enhancements that show she understands what it means to look good for men.

Well, I am off to work on the next blog. See you then, I hope.


Bimbo Fahsion Guide - Daisy Dukes

Bimbo Fashion Tip #3 – Meet Ms. Daisy Dukes

I have it on good authority that nothing beats a great pair of leg(g)s. Well, yes Virginia, there is something that beats that –a great pair of legs topped off by a sweet ass* in a pair Daisy Dukes!
Like High Heels and School Girl outfits, Daisy Dukes are MUST HAVE items in a Bimbo’s wardrobe. So important are they that a Bimbo needs to have at least a few pairs of them before she can even think (hmmm? That might be a problem) of calling her wardrobe complete. When going through your clothes/costumes do not confuse all of your Booty shorts with DDs. Daisy Dukes are a particular type of Booty shorts. Think (ooops, there I go again) of it this way – All Daisy Dukes are Booty shorts, but all Booty shorts are not Daisy Dukes. This is a very important distinction. Real DDs are made from a pair of worn, faded, blue jeans. A nice touch is a worn spot, that patch of white threads that is not yet a hole, somewhere in the seat. Nothing else will do to give that fresh-faced Country Girl/Cowgirl look. Baseball, Apple Pie and Daisy Dukes are part of what makes this the greatest country on Earth!

How-To make your very own pair of Daisy Dukes:

1 – Pick-out the jeans to turn into shorts. Look for faded fabrics, with rips and worn-spots (especially on the ass), and tightness.

2 – Get a pair of sharp scissors, fabric scissors will be the best.

3 – Find some chalk, crayon or if you have to a marker.

4 – Get a ruler.

5 – lay the jeans out on the kitchen table or other cutting surface (not the bed, and watch out for the table cloth, Bimbo!).

6 – Using the ruler and the chalk/marker, draw a line on the pants legs. This will be the guide for cutting. You want to place the ruler so the edge touches the crotch of the jeans. This is the maximum length for your shorts. If using a marker, remember to cut just above that line. Daisy Dukes must cover as little leg as possible. There is a decision to make at this point – whether or not to keep the pockets. For the total white trash look, you will want to keep the pockets so they hand down past the leg holes. I would avoid this look. The white flap of the pockets interferes with the clean line between skin and material. It is distracting. Besides, the shorts should be so tight that the pockets are useless anyway.

Variations :

1 - The string-bikini touch. I have it on authority that a good pair of worn jeans is soft enough that no panties are necessary. However, there is a great look that one can use with a string-bikini instead of panties. Pull the sides up high so that your ties are nice a visible.

2 – “Ooops, your fly is open” – works with really tight jeans. Wear your DDs unbuttoned with your fly (or buttons on the 501s) part of the way down. Panties are optional (as always).

3 – Try cutting at an angle. Again, using the ruler as a guide, draw a line from the outside seam of the jeans downward to the crotch, at an angle. This will expose more and more thigh the higher you start the cut on the outside. At some point, your ass will begin to show.

4 - Cut the legs off, straight across at crotch level. Flip the jeans over. Starting at the outside seam cut an arc (a half-circle) towards the inseam. This will allow more of your ass to show. The amount depends how high you make the arc. This will require practice.

5 – Although the jeans may be from another country, Brazilian ultra-low rise jeans are great for making DDs. Their tailoring tends to cup the ass, and they expose the maximum amount of skin possible in jeans.


Lick It Like a Lollipop

Bimbo Exercise #2 – Lick it Like a Lollipop

One of the central themes of this blog is that Bimbos are eyecandy – on display for the enjoyment of men. Short skirts, high heels, tight tops, all are ways of accentuating and displaying a Bimbo’s body in the sexiest (and often slutiest) manner possible. Also important to the show a Bimbo must put on everyday is how she acts and moves. Bimbos need to be just as sexy doing something “normal” as they do just standing still. For Example, Bimbos don’t walk, they strut. They don’t bend down to pick something up, they bend over to flash their panties as they pick it up. This behavior can be extended to almost all daily activities, even eating. With that in mind, Bimbos and gentlemen, I give you the “Lollipop as Blow-Job” exercise.

A word of caution, SUGAR-FREE is the way to go. This is less about the calories (although all Bimbos need to be careful about that) and more about Dentistry. Too many sugary lollipops and the Cavity Creeps will be paying poor little Bimbo a visit!

Remember that you are putting on a show. And the name of that show is “Everybody, look how good I can suck a cock!”. Obviously, the lollipop is a stand-in for a man’s cock. Treat it that way. That means foreplay, teasing, sucking and don’t forget, swallowing. It is important not only to practice putting on a show - as a Bimbo you should always be thinking of cocksucking when you have a lollipop in your mouth. For the show to really work, it is very important to have a heavy coat of lipstick on, preferably a bright, frosted shade of pink.

The best way to learn how to put on a show is to watch a BJ-themed show like “Cum Glazed” or something similar. Watch how the porn starts suck cock. A Bimbo should always channel her inner porn star when sucking a cock or a lollipop. Until you get a chance to see for yourself, here are some tips:
The lips – Kiss the lollipop like you would the tip of your lover’s cock. Practice pulling it away slowly so that a little string of saliva links the lollipop and your lips. Purse your lips and twirl the lollipop between them. Nibble at the lollipop with your lips.
The tongue – The tongue should be very active and above all, visible. Don’t keep it tucked away on your mouth. Bring it out to lick your lollipop. Use the tip of it to trace circles on it. Again, this is your lover’s cock that you are teasing/pleasing.
The mouth - Make an “O” with your lips and let the lollipop slide in-and-out of your mouth. When sucking on your lollipop, try and hollow your cheeks a bit. Twirl the pop in your mouth, keeping you lips in an “O” shape.
The sounds – a BJ is a sloppy, wet affair. So too is sucking a lollipop. Try and see what kind of wet, moist sucking sounds you can make as you suck it. Little moans of pleasure can turn your X-rated show into a XXX-rated show. If you happen to catch a man watching you reach down and adjust himself, you know you’re doing it right.

Now, I am not suggesting that you go out to a mall and try and put on a show that would make a porn star jealous. At least not at first. Start slowly. Work your way up to the porno style of lollipop sucking slowly, over a period of months. This exercise is designed to bring about a permanent change in behavior. Through constant repetition, the Bimbo will one day adopt this as her normal way of being. It is important, therefore, to make sure you do this every chance you can. Since repetition is the key, you will need to set up a routine like a daily exercise schedule and stick to it. While at the receptionist desk, behind the sales counter, at home watching TV, or just before bedtime, a Bimbo should try and repeat this task at least 4 times a day at regular times.

A Perfect Exapmle of A Bimbo

Bimbos and Gentlemen - I present to you a new (at least for me) bimbo to add to Top 10 List: Shannon Sky. Here are some attributes that make her a near-perfect example of bimbohood (those of you out there who want to be better bimbos - take note).

1) She has undergone surgery to make herself more phyically appealing to men.

2) She is incredibly fake looking - Hair, nails, tits, eyebrows all are unnatural and


3) She uses a lot of makeup (if only her lipstick were frosted),

4) She has on a Slutty Schoolgirl outfit.

5) she is wearing big, gaudy earings (hoops!)

6) She makes a living off of her body.

Just wanted to share.