Saturday, January 7, 2012

A NEW GOLDEN RULE FOR THE NEW YEAR: 36-24-36 is so last century.

As we go through life, those beliefs that we used to hold near and dear to our hearts often change. We no longer view the earth as flat. The Sun does not revolve around the Earth. We no longer think of thunder as the gods bowling. In some cases this is a cause for sadness (I for one was looking forward to league night in the Hereafter), but in other cases it is a time for joy, when we no longer need to worry about following rules that have long since had any real meaning in today’s changing world.

One of these beliefs that has longed since outlived its usefulness is the “gold” standard for women’s measurements: 36-24-36. Back in the days of B&W television, such a figure was truly a show-stopper. But how long has it been since any of us went out and bought a B&W television set for the front room? It has become apparent, at least to me, that in keeping up with the advancements in cosmetic surgery, as well as society’s new-found appreciation for the truly feminine, we need a new standard for beauty that a bimbo can aspire to. I have a suggestion to this. I call it the +20 (“plus twenty”) rule.

It is a very simple rule: A woman’s bust measurement must be at least 20 inches greater than her waist. This means that the new standard of beauty for a woman should be 44-24-36. The strength of this rule is that it doesn’t tie the bimbo to a standard of beauty that may not be the best for her body type. It gives her some room for maneuver and still keep to her goal of becoming a drop-dead piece of arm-candy. A 39-19-36 figure might not be achievable by every bimbo-wanabee. And, the +20 rule does help a girl maintain that all-important girlish figure. Don’t want to watch your weight and have a 30-inch waist, well then your bust size needs to be 50. At some point, it will become necessary to diet in order to maintain this ratio (unless you are a fan of Chelsea Charms, in which case, you have a good deal of room to grow). As examples: Pamela Anderson at her best was a 36DDD-22-34. Christina Hendricks (who let’s face it, does need to go on a diet) comes in at 39DD-30-39. Using the +20 rule, they would now measure 42-22-34 (Pam) and 50-30-39 (Christina). I think this shows that although you can simply increase the size of your bust, at some point you need to take your waist into consideration when deciding on whether or not to eat that dessert. Watching your weight is one of the most important aspects of daily living as a bimbo. It also means that most women will have to have breast implants in order to achieve this standard. Since fake tits are a hallmark of the bimbo, this is a good situation.

The +20 ratio does away with the traditional hourglass figure (how long has it been since any of us used one of those to tell the time anyway?) and replaces it with a more aesthetically pleasing top-heavy appearance that is better in keeping with today’s proper bimbo attitude. This rule has its shortcomings. It fails to include cup size in the equation. Obviously, a “D” cup must be considered as the STARTING point for a bimbo’s cup size. A proper bimbo’s cup size is at least a DD, and of course, the more D's, the better. It also fails to offer guidance on the measurement of the hips. As of now, I would think that they should be in the +10 - +14 range; enough of a difference to provide a nice contrast to her figure without taking away attention from her tits. This needs further exploration. Rest assured, I will not sleep until I uncover the Truth.

(Vanessa Montgane, 44-24-36. Visit her site at You will be glad you did.)


  1. "It is a very simple rule: A woman’s bust measurement must be at least 20 inches greater than her hips."

    I think you meant to say 'waist' there, rather than hips. It IS a nice rule, though. Also: great to see you back again!